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The Essential Tools

Creative copy is an extremely effective tool when used with the right image.  I can  devise strategies that best suit your clientele and market.
I believe in a lateral approach to advertising and love to work on diverse campaigns, however off-beat.I have worked on various promotional brochures, flyers, posters, mail-outs, and press ads for several diverse clients.

Let's get started

The Project Survey is designed to assist both you, the client, and me, the designer to develop an initial focus and define some important aspects of your project. Providing as much information as possible will greatly assist the process of developing designs for your project that will be appropriate, unique and effective.

Once you return your questionnaire, I'll discuss a few more aspects with you before drawing up a comprehensive Proposal & Quotation tailored specifcally to your needs.


The Essential Marketing Tool

I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

Whether you need a Bi-Fold, Tri- Fold design, 4 page, or an 8 page, I can design the perfectly targeted brochure for your business. My brochures not only look great, but will help produce the results that you desire. Start harnessing the power of brochures today.

The following outlines the best practices for brochure creation:

1.  Appealing Visual Photos
2.  Stand Out Designs
3.  Right Use of Colors
4.  Proper Content Formatting
5.  Professional look​
6.  Call For Action



Once you place an order, you will be prompted to a questionnaire page.
Through the various questions, I will gain a better understanding of your business and your goals for the brochure design. These questions will cover things such as the nature of your business and the kind of image that you would like to create.
I will also ask you to share your existing logo, (if applicable) business details, content, pictures, graphs and other details for use in the brochure.



After I create the framework for the brochure design, I will take final suggestions from you and make any necessary revisions needed.
I will incorporate the final logos and content into the design.
In addition, I will make some final recommendations to you on matters such as color, fonts, and content. My goal is to create a brochure that will stand out and have a call for action.



Once I have some preliminary information from you, I  will get to work on your design.
Within 4-5 days, I will send you 2 initial concept designs of the brochure.
I will then work with you directly to fine tune the design that you select and communicate with you regarding image insertion, content, color and font, along with other details needed in the creation of the brochure design.



Once I have finalized all the particulars of the brochure design, I will send you all the related files in a variety of formats including EPS, PDF, TIFF - high resolution JPEG, etc.
Now you are ready to use your custom brochure design and start advertising with it to your customers.

I am pleased to provide my clients with the best design service at a most affordable price.  In addition, I offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on any packages below if you are not satisfied.

Flyers/Posters/Leaflets/ menus

Promotional flyers and mailers are an inexpensive and effective tool to advertise a business or one-off event.

Whether you want a simple handout or you require a more complex folding mailshot, I can help you decide on the best solution for your particular needs. Contact me to find out which would be the best advertising method for you.

newsletter design

I know exactly what is required to produce stunning and informative print across a wide range of markets. I also understand the importance of deadlines and sticking to tight budgets.

Projects are undertaken on any subject and are seen through from initial research to completion. My design combined with my associates  editorial experience means you'll get a high quality product at the most competitive price.


keeping it cost effective

Affordable Prices, Quality Designs, Fast Turnaround, and Satisfied Customers. These are some of the reasons that I have been successful in retaining a sound client base. I would love the opportunity to work with you.


At Alt View Graphics, I am pleased to pride my clients with the best Ad Copy and brochure design service at a most affordable price. In addition, I offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the brochure design packages below if you are not satisfied. Let me create your perfect brochure by selecting one of the Brochure Packages below to get started.  (A Service Fee of $50 applies for time and expense.)

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